Prospective Puppy Owner Questionnaire
     Please provide the following contact information:



     City State Zip

     Home Phone                                                                         Cell



     Spouse/partner occupation

    Do you live in a house, apartment or condo?

    Rent or own If you rent does your landlord allow large dogs?

    Landlords name and contact info

    Are you willing to travel to pick up your puppy?

    Are you interested in a Newfoundland or a Bernese puppy?

    If interested in a Newfoundland do you have a color preference?

    What attracted you to this particular breed?

    How did you hear about Bear-Acres Kennel?

    Do you have a gender preference for a puppy?

    What expectations do you have regarding this puppy?

    Do you realize that this breed requires grooming on a very regular basis?

    If not your dog will have mats in their coat and that will cause sores and other issues. So are you willing to keep your dogs coat     brushed out?

    Do you currently have any other pets? What are they?

    Have you ever had to re-home, surrender to a shelter or euthanize a pet before?

    If so what was the reason?

    Who is your veterinarian and what is their contact info?

    Do you have a fenced yard? What type fencing and how tall?

    Where will the puppy/dog be kept most of the time?

    Are there children in your home? If so what are their ages?

    Are you expecting a new baby any time soon?

    Who will be the primary caretaker of the puppy/dog?

    What arrangements will you make to be sure the puppy won’t be isolated for long periods of time?

    Do you plan on taking your puppy to obedience classes?

    What will you do to make sure your puppy has proper socialization so that they will become a well loved and well behaved pet?

Please print questionnaire and 
email to [email protected]
Or mail to Bear-Acres Kennel
373 Littrell Rd
Bedford, Ky 40006