Rainbow Bridge
This page is a tribute to all the newfies and berners that have graced us with their presence over the years and are now resting in peace.  
Avish Meadows Tony
Mountain Bear Remo
Bear Hollow's Miracle   1990-2001
Bear was our special needs buddy that lived his whole life with a dislocated hip and fractured jaw due to an accident on the farm.   The vets said surgery would not help his situation.   We thought at first we would lose him but he lived and was a great dog.  He just had a special look of his own!
Wright's Majestic Sheeba 
Bear Acres Blackberry Wine

There are no words to describe the huge hole left in our hearts since you are gone.  We miss you so much!   We are so thankful that we have two of your beautiful girls to hold on to. Hope and Ivee are very special just as you are and we will always be greatful that you blessed us with them.
CH Blueberryhill Little Boy
Our friend Blue was born on 01-11-2002 and on 05-19-2011 we lost him.
Blue went to the vet for what was supposed to be a minor surgery.  But  his heart stopped and they could not get it started again.   We will miss you Blue!   You left us too soon!
Carma Que's Wee Willie was born 05-03-2003 and we lost him to Wobbler's Syndrome in the fall of 2010.   We had to make the decision to let him go.   We could not watch him suffer and there
 was no cure.
Bear-Acres Precious Star
05-05-2006 to 10-08-2012
Star was diagnoised with osteoscaroma and we were left with no good choice but to let her go.   It was working on her right front leg and she just couldn't hardly walk.   So we did what we thought was best for her.   She was a very sweet girl and will be dearly missed!   
Bear-Acres Oreo
06-20-2003 to 08-17-2015