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Hi - I wanted to send you a quick update to let you know how wonderful and perfect Lucy is. She is very smart and easy to train. And, she is a total lover. She has been through a variety of different trainings. We did kindergarten for socialization, then a few home trainings for jumping and potty stuff (she got the bells immediately), and then at 6 months she did 3 weeks of obediance training. She is a natural and all her trainers said she is a hard worker and eager to please. In fact, this past Friday, she passed her AKC Canine Good Citizenship test. Our plans are too get her into a therapy program so that she can become certified to visit hospitals and nursing homes. She is a natural.

She instantly bonded with our family. My mom is one of her favorites because from the very beginning my mom would take her in the car and out for long walks everyday on the Mount Vernon trail. I took it for granted that she would be good in the car. We are lucky that she is - she will sleep on long road trips and I forget she is in the car. Her overall favorite person though is my 6 year old - that is her boy and she will choose to be with him whenever possible. It is almost like her face lights up when she is with him. It is very sweet. And his cred has gone up as he does have the coolest dog at school pick up.  

Her favorite thing to do is sit on our front lawn during the day and hold court. We have heavy foot traffic in front of our house and she is greeted by everyone. People will stop and throw her ball or talk to her and pet her. They even know her by name. We took her to an event in our town last month and people came up to us and introduced themselves because they knew Lucy from our yard. She is very popular and very happy.

In March, she went with us to our house in the NC mountains. I had never had her off leash and wasnt planning to do it then. But my friends convinced me to try it as we were all there and there werent any cars. Lucy was in her element and loved every second. She was everything I wanted in a dog. She was well behaved, never strayed far from the family, came when called, etc. It was adorable watching her be a mountain dog - instictively traversing the hills to get up and down and running up and down by the river. She would look out of our deck and if she saw a family member down by the river, she would let herself out of the house and run down to meet them. But she never left the area unless she saw people she knew to go be with. 
I could go on bragging about her forever. But I thought you should know how fantastic and happy she is with us.  
Oh and she is healthy too. She was about 75 lbs on her last weigh in.  


 I have been a dog lover and a dog owner for over 12 years. The Bernese Mountain dog is absolutely the BEST dog that I have ever been blessed to experience. Our Baby Bear is the most incredible gift we as a family have ever received. He is incredibly obedient, and very smart. He is only 4 1/2 months old now and does not jump, does not chew, is fully potty trained (and was by 3 1/2 months) he is incredibly loving. Our family has chosen to make this breed our breed of choice from now on. We would always go to Debbie as well as she breeds an incredible line! Thank you Debbie so much for your love and care with bringing baby Bear into the world! 

Kind Regards, Karol Major 


I can't tell you enough how much we love our Berner.  He is the best family, friend, and neighbor dog we've ever had!  

Hello! I just wanted to let you know how everything is going with Dexter, male "green" ribbon born 8/5/07 Bernese. He is healthy, happy, and growing like a weed. He is very gentle and playful. Dexter sits, stays, comes, down, gives paw, rolls over very well. He occasionally forgets "down" when our food is involved, but getting better-ha!
I know that this is something you do at least partially as a business, but I thought you should hear about how much love, joy, and warmth you help bring to homes with your puppies. When my five sons and I come home from school/work, we look so forward to our greeting from Dexter. They tell me that he can wash away a problem filled day for them in seconds. For me too. Thank you.

Charlotte Dorn(and Jake, Eric, Rob, Nick, and Brett)




Hi Debbie,
Just wanted to let you know that the puppy is doing great. He is such a sweet puppy and growing like a weed! Attached is a picture of him with Mandy's brother, Bear. They are getting along great.
Kim Goldman

   Hi Debbie
Hope all is well. Lorie looks at your website all the time so we've seen you've been quite busy. Just wanted to drop you a note on Hudson, our Berner, who was born 4/19 of last year. He is doing great. I think he has the plants and shrubs in the backyard finally arranged to his liking. He does not lack of energy and still only has two speeds, full blast and asleep. He's quite the funny little man and just loves everybody. He made it through obedience school and was the class clown but did manage to learn the important stuff like heel, leave it, down, sit and stay so it was pretty successful. He's a very happy boy and lives life to the fullest everyday. Its never a dull moment with him. He's very sweet and can't get close enough to you in bed at night. Until he gets hot and moves down to his bed which is almost bigger than ours.
Anyway, just wanted you to know you boy is doing great and is growing up to be a pup to be proud of. Attached are a couple of pics taken on and around his b'day.





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